A Guide to Our Fire Pits

At FirepitsUK, we have over 40 designs and 7 different sizes of fire pits, chimineas and outdoor kitchens. Why so many? We listen to feedback, you see, from customers who would prefer something a little smaller, a bit bigger, definitely taller or has a log store so they don’t have to go far for that one last log of the day. So how do you choose the best fire pit for you and your garden? You have to ask yourself a few key questions. The first is, are you an ember gazer? Or a helicopter chef?

Fire pits for gazing

If you like looking deep into the fire bowl, watching the flames flare and the embers glow, then you might prefer a fire pit that you can peer into, like the low lying Celeste.

Celeste Fire Pit Lifestyle with Long Leg Tripod at Bell Tents Lifestyle Close Up - Firepits UK - Lo Res

The best fire pits for cooking and looking

If you’re keen on fire cooking but equally look forward to the end of night basking in the aftermath of your culinary triumph, then the majority of our fire pits, from the versatile Plain Jane to the Box D, are made at the perfect height both cooking and looking. Once the chef is done, the radiating heat from the fire bowl is the perfect height for pulling up a chair and revelling in its warmth.

Cooking fire pits

Or perhaps you’re the chef who hovers over the food, constantly turning, checking and glazing. In recognition of your dedication, we’ve designed some hip height models, such as our Modular Kitchen Bowl or our Planter 70.

Planter 70 Fire Pit - Lifestyle lit close up - Firepits UK - WEB 600x600 - Lo Res
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Choosing the rights size fire pit

The next question to ask yourself is about numbers. Are you party people? Or is it just for a few close friends you’d like to invite round? Depending on your guest list, our size chart can you help you decide. The space you have is another reason to consult our size chart. It would be a shame to lose your fire pit in your vast grounds and equally awkward to no longer be able to open your patio doors.

Where’s the wood?

Log storage is also a question worth a little navel gazing. Dry, seasoned wood is key to a good fire and essential for fire cooking. Do you have space for a separate log storage? Do you need your logs close to hand? We have fire pits with integral storage as well as separate log stores.

Circular Log Store - Fire Pit - Lifestyle in garden centre - Firepits UK - WEB 600x600 - Lo Res
Curve Chiminea with Swing Arm BBQ Rack - Lifestyle with Pagoda Log Store - Firepits UK - WEB - Lo Res

Easy on the eyes

Our last question to help you choose a fire pit is a big one. When is a fire pit not just a fire pit? When it’s also a work of art. The sculptural lines of our Wave fire pit and the epic proportions of our Curve Chiminea are as much to be viewed as used.

If you need more help deciding on which fire pit is right for you or the best fire pit for your garden, please get in touch.

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