Ring of Logs 90 with Swing Arm BBQ Rack


More Information A very elegant fire pit, ideal for cooking over but also with attractive and practical log storage space around the base. The Ring of Logs 90 comes with the unique detachable Swing Arm BBQ Rack included and the shelf makes a great spot for keeping food warm. As seen in Jeremy Clarkson’s garden on Clarkson’s Farm!

Lid - for weather protection and safety

  • 90cm Lid (measures approx 100cm) £125.00

Decorative band - add your choice of decoration

  • Indian band £35.00
    Feather Band £35.00
    Mosaic Band £35.00

Personalised plaque - customise your fire pit with an engraved band

  • Firepits UK, Outdoor Fire Pit, Personalised Fire Pit, Fire Pit Gift, Firepits

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Accessories - essential fire pit extras

  • Hanging Arm with Hook £98.00
    Hanging Cooking Bowl £48.00
    Fire Pit BBQ Gloves £20.00

Fuel - fire starters, wood and charcoal to get you started

  • Fire Lighter Flamers £6.00
    Certainly Wood Kindle Kit £8.00
    Certainly Wood Starter Kit £12.00
    Charcoal £9.00



Grand total