Please read and follow our safety guidelines. They cover our fire pits, Indian fire bowls and outdoor kitchens. They’ll help you stay safe and enjoy your new purchase free from worry.  

  1. You must supervise children at all times when the fire is lit as the steel around it will get very hot.
  2. Do not light your fire pit, fire bowl or oven near to a hedge, tent or building as a spark could set them alight.
  3. Make sure you have a supply of water to hand in case you need to damp down the fire.
  4. Only use charcoal or well-seasoned wood on your fire. Do not use house coal.
  5. Please be aware that as your fire pit, fire bowl or outdoor kitchen ages it will develop rust that can occasionally mark stone surfaces. You can avoid this by placing it on old slabs, a gravel bed or brick platform.
  6. Do not place your fire pit or fire bowl on grass as the heat from the fire will scorch the grass underneath.
  7. Always use heat-resistant gloves when handling things such as BBQ racks and roasting ovens. They will get very hot.

How to care for your fire pit, Indian fire bowl and outdoor kitchen

Your new purchase needs very little care.

We make our fire pits and outdoor kitchens from at least 3mm thick untreated British steel. This means they will withstand both the heat from the fire and the great British weather for more than ten years.

You can safely keep them outdoors all year round. Over time they will develop rust which is a natural part of the ageing process. If you want to you can clean them with a wire brush and then rub them over with oil. However, it’s fine to simply leave them and let nature take its course.

The Indian fire bowls we import are made from thinner steel. You can look after them in the same way as the fire pits we make but as the steel is less thick they will not last as long.

When your fire pit is stored outside make sure the gap around the raised disc in the bottom of the bowl does not become blocked. This will stop rainwater collecting in the bowl. Don’t worry though, the gap around the disc is too small to allow ash or embers to fall out when the fire is lit.