We have over 40 designs of fire pits in up to 7 different sizes – here we hope to help you work out which is the perfect choice for you. Whether it’s a BBQ Firepit, Cooking Fire Pit or anything else, your decision will depend on a number of different factors:

How many people do you want to have around your outdoor fire pit?

  • The potential heat generated by the fire pit will vary depending on its size so consider how many people will be sitting around it usually. Is it just for day to day family use or will you be using it for parties?
    See our size chart.

How big is your garden?

  • It is important to take into account how your fire pit will fit and look in your garden. If you need help visualising the size, it might help to make a template from newspaper and put it where you plan to use the fire pit. An extra 10cm in diameter can make a big difference.

What kind of fuel do you want to burn?

  • Can you get access to dry logs and store them somewhere? If not our smallest size is fine just using charcoal. See our size chart.

Are you planning to do a lot of cooking on your fire pit?

BBQ firepit, Outdoor Fire Pit, Indian Fire Bowl, Cooking fire Pit, Fire Pit Barbecue,
Indian Fire Bowl, BBQ Firepit, Outdoor Fire Pit, Cooking Fire Pit, Fire Pit Barbecue,

What size fire pit do I need?

A fire pit of this size… Is ideal for…
50cm Up to four people
60cm Up to six people
70cm Up to eight people
80cm Up to ten people
90cm Up to 12 people
120cm Up to 20 people
160cm 30+ people

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