Flat Ring of Logs 120 with Swing Arm BBQ Rack


More Information The Flat Ring of Logs 120 is one of our most versatile fire pit designs. It is an ideal focal point of warmth in a garden seating area but also provides outstanding BBQ capabilities with the Swing Arm BBQ Rack included.


Lid - for weather protection and safety

  • 60cm Lid (measures approx 70cm) £79.00

Accessories - essential fire pit extras

  • Hanging Arm with Hook £98.00
    Hanging Cooking Bowl £48.00
    Flat Bottomed Hanging Skillet Pan £41.00
    The Complete Vegetable Cookbook by James Strawbridge £25.00
    Fire Pit BBQ Gloves £20.00

Fuel - fire starters, wood and charcoal to get you started

  • Fire Lighter Flamers £6.00
    Certainly Wood Kindle Kit £8.00
    Certainly Wood Starter Kit £12.00
    Charcoal £9.00



Grand total