We have been making steel firepit products and accessories for nearly 20 years and our passion for delivering the best quality on the market is as strong as ever.

Our products are made by us, in rural Monmouthshire using high quality steel and working to our own original designs. We prioritise keeping our environmental impact as low as possible and look for ways to improve this on an ongoing basis.

Cooking Fire Pits Made in the UK

We are very proud to make the best fire pits in our own workshop in Monmouthshire, South Wales. Fire Pits UK is true to it’s roots.

This means we:

  • Have 100% control of the quality of build.
  • Keep carbon emissions from transport low.
  • Support British manufacturing.
  • Provide local rural jobs.
  • Quality Firepits
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High Quality British Steel Firepit

Unlike many cooking fire pits available we use high quality British steel meaning they are built to last:

  • Steel at least 3mm thick means your fire pit should last at least 10 years (see our guide to looking after your fire pit).
  • Our steel has travelled the short distance from Port Talbot to our workshop in Monmouthshire keeping emissions as low as possible.
  • Any leftover steel is recycled straight back into production.
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Original Steel Firepit Designs

Our fire pits have been designed by us and many of the features – such as our Swing Arm BBQ Rack – are unique. We believe your fire pit should work hard for you over its long life, providing warmth and being ideal for outdoor cooking.

  • We have over 40 designs in 6 sizes, all original to FirepitsUK.
  • Our fire pits are designed with practicality and aesthetics in mind.
  • Options are available to customise your fire pit to your requirements – we can even make bespoke designs.
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Our fire pits do require heat and energy to manufacture but we are committed to keeping our emissions as low as possible within our chain of production:

  • We recycle all remnants and off-cuts of steel back to Port Talbot where they can be easily reused.
  • Our packaging is kept to a minimum and where it is not reusable it is recyclable.
  • Our fire pits are designed to have a long life. When they eventually do need replacing, they are 100% recyclable.
  • We don’t treat or use detergents on our fire pits – they leave our workshop in their natural state.