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Our Notebook is a space we fill with information to enhance your Firepits UK experience. Find notes on our products, handy hints and tips on how to get the most out of your fire pit kit, food inspiration for wood fired cooking and ideas on the perfect gift for your friends and family. Use the topics below to expand your knowledge but if you have any burning questions please call or email us.

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Product Guides

Our product guides are designed to help you get the best from your fire pit, pizza oven or outdoor kitchen.

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Top Tips

Our top tips cover the basics from the safe use of your fire pit, to advice about what logs to burn and how to look after your Firepits UK cookware.

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Our videos range from recipe ideas to product demontrations and how to’s. 

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Gift Ideas

Choose from our range of gift ideas for your friends and family, from fire tools,  cookware and fire pits to gather around.


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There is no shortage of ideas on what to cook over your fire pit, with our abundance of recipes from fire cook Genevieve Taylor, James Strawbridge and Pom Pom Cooks. 

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Our Story

A family business that has grown from a teenage party to a company that prides itself on making robust, quality, British products. 

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Why Us

Why Us?

Made in Britain

Made in Britain