From fire pit tools to ignite your family fire pit fun to a kit that helps you cook like you were raised at fire school. Fuel your fire side gatherings with our range of fire pit accessories.

Drum Base - Fire Pit - Lifestyle on patio with lid - Firepits UK - WEB 600x600 - Lo Res


Fire pit lids and other accessories to provide protection for you and your fire pit

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Warming Swing Arm - Firepit - Lifestyle with kebabs - WEB 600x600 - Lo Res

Swing Arm Grills

Extras to slot on your fire pit grills, alongside or in place of the Swing Arm BBQ Rack

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Hot Plate Collection - on Half Moon Mesh BBQ Rack - VPit Fire Pit - Lifestyle - Firepits UK - Lo Res

Standard Grills

Fire pit grill rack supplies, BBQ racks, and cooking additions for fire pits.

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Collection of James Strawbridge Cookbooks - Lifestyle in garden - Firepits UK - WEB 600x600 - Lo Res


Fire pit cookware & cookbooks

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Log Carrier Bag - Lifestyle with logs and gloves - Firepits UK - Lo Res


Fire pit tools, fuel kits and other fire management accessories

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Engraved plaques & decorative trims

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