My fire pit is rusting. Is this a problem?

No, not at all. Rust is a natural part of the ageing process and will add a unique beauty to your metal fire pit. At Firepits UK we don’t treat the metal we use to make our fire pits as any treatment would simply burn off.

However, the steel is at least 3mm thick so can withstand years of outdoor use. This means it’s perfectly OK for you to leave your fire pit outside and let nature take its course.

Your firepit is strong enough to withstand all weathers and more than ten years of outdoor use.

We don’t treat the steel we use to make our fire pits as any coating will quickly burn off. However, the steel we use is at least 3mm thick so can withstand years of outdoor use.

Our fire pits, Indian fire bowls and outdoor kitchens need little or no care and can withstand years of outdoor use. You can see more information here.

The raised disc in the bottom of the fire pit bowl is to stop rainwater collecting when the fire pit is not in use. Make sure it doesn’t get blocked when you store your fire pit outside. Don’t worry though. The gap around the disc is too small to allow ash or embers to fall out when the fire is lit.

A fire pit of this size… Is ideal for… Use with
50cm Up to four people Charcoal
60cm Up to six people Charcoal or logs
70cm Up to eight people Logs
80cm Up to ten people Logs
90cm Up to 12 people Logs, especially if you have your own supply
120cm Up to 20 people Logs, especially if you have your own supply
160cm 30+ people Logs, especially if you have your own supply

We hand make most of our products, often to order. Therefore, please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

During our busiest times, between May and August, we may need a little longer so ask that you order in plenty of time if you need your fit pit by a particular date.

Large and heavy items are packed on a pallet and delivered by Palletline.
Smaller items are packed in a box and delivered by APC Couriers.

The courier will send you an email when they are ready to deliver your order. If you have specific delivery requirements they will do their best to meet these, including leaving your package with a neighbour or in a safe place if you are not at home. However, they are not able to unpack or position your order.

We recommend that you don’t put your fire pit directly on to a patio or stone terrace as the natural ageing process can sometimes stain the surface. To prevent this you can place the fire pit on older slabs, a gravel bed or a brick platform.

Gravel is particularly good for absorbing any fat that may fall while you’re cooking. We also recommend that you don’t place your fire pit directly on to a lawn as the heat from the fire will scorch the grass.

Depending on which style you choose, the fire pit lids have several uses. They:

  • Act as a table top when the fire isn’t lit
  • Keep children away from hot ashes and embers
  • Put out the fire quickly and easily and stop loose embers and sparks escaping
  • Stop water, snow and leaves collecting in the bowl when you’re not using it

We design our lids to overhang the fire pit by 5cm all around. This stops rainwater dripping into the bowl. And we design our BBQ racks to extend over the fire pit bowl by about 3cm on each side.

However, when ordering a fire pit lid or BBQ rack always choose the same size as your fire pit. For example, if your fire pit is 80cm then order the 80cm lid or rack.

We supply safety rails which form a fence around the fire. They’re great for public events or if you have small children running around. However, you should always supervise children carefully when you have a fire burning.

First build a heap of kindling and logs in your fire pit. We recommend you use an odourless, natural firelighter to start your fire. These won’t affect the taste of your food, which some chemical firelighters can. The flamers we sell are made from natural wood shavings and paraffin wax.  They light quickly and easily and work first time, every time. We also sell a fire starter kit that contains everything you need to start your fire, including a flamer, some kindling and matches.

Always feed your fire with well-seasoned firewood. This will make it burn hotter and for longer and will give off less smoke. Make sure you have a good supply of logs close to hand so you can keep the fire burning. One bag of our firewood should give you plenty of logs to feed your fire all day.

You can use charcoal in the smaller fire pits – those with a diameter of 60cm or less. For the larger fire pits you should use well-seasoned logs. To get the best fire make it with a  generous amount of logs at least an hour before you plan to use it.

You should light your fire at least an hour before you want to start cooking, longer if possible. This will give it a chance to burn down and create the red-hot embers you need for cooking.

If you try and cook over flames your food will burn on the outside and may not be cooked on the inside. It also won’t taste as nice as food that has been cooked over a glowing wood fire.

You’ll know your fire is ready to cook over when the flames have died down and you have a bed of glowing embers. They’ll give you a steady source of heat and allow your food to gently cook through and take on that delicious, smoky flavour.

Watch our video to get Tim’s expert advice on the best way to light and feed your fire.

To keep the heat under your BBQ rack, skillet or cooking bowl, use an ash rake to move the hot embers around the fire pit.

BBQ ash from your burned down charcoal is basically wood ash, so it is perfect for enriching your soil. Wood ash is a rich natural source of potash – potassium-rich salt – that can act as a natural soil enhancer or compost. We always recommend using sustainably and ethically produced charcoal such as ours from The Great Welsh Charcoal Company which is made in North Wales from fresh silver birch offcuts from a local woodyard, otherwise sent to landfill. Because it is completely natural it means no chemicals around your food and no chemicals when you spread the old embers and ash in your garden.