Top 10 Fire Pit Cooking Accessories

  1. Fire Pit BBQ Gloves: an essential bit of kit to protect your hands from the heat while cooking over and managing the fire.
  2. Roasting Oven: perfect for creating an oven on top of your fire pit. The Roasting Oven is large enough to roast a large piece of meat or a chicken with extra veg around it.
  3. Tripod Cooking Rack: can be used for hanging a grill, skillet or bowl and the cooking height can be adjusted with the chain.
  4. Skillet Pan: these come in four sizes from 30cm up to the huge 65cm, ideal for a party paella. Very versatile pans for frying, griddling, sautéing or one pot cooking.
  5. Half Moon BBQ Rack: available in Mesh or Bar options, these racks fit perfectly over any fire pit without the BBQ Swing Arm.
  6. Ash Rack: a simple but extremely useful tool for managing the heat of your fire, enabling you to have an area of flames and embers for cooking over.
  7. Hanging Arm with Hook and Chain: add to the cooking options with our Hanging Arm which you can interchange with the Swing Arm BBQ Grill to use a Skillet or Cooking Bowl.
  8. Fire Pit Shelf:give yourself an area to keep cooked food warm beside your fire pit with our useful shelf.
  9. Smoker Box: this is our Roasting Oven with and extra special tray under which you can put wood chips to smoke food.
  10. Toasting Fork: for when you don’t want to go to a lot of trouble! Stick a sausage, crumpet or marshmallow on our sturdy fork and toast away.