Glazed Corn on the Cob with Dirty Jalapeño Chilli Jam and Brecon Bomber

By James Strawbridge
Serves 6


6-12 sweetcorn with Husks
250g Black bomber Snowdonia cheddar cheese
For the green chilli jam:
6 jalapeno peppers
2 green peppers
Large bunch of coriander
Bottle of local cider vinegar 500ml
500ml dry cider
4 Limes, juice and zest
2 green apples, peeled, cored and diced
500g golden caster sugar
Pinch of sea salt


1. Roast the corn over hot embers in their husks for 15-20 mins.
2. Make your chilli jam by reducing all ingredient in a bowl suspended over the fire. Cook for 10-20 mins until the liquid reduces and you are left with a sticky jam. Season to taste.
3. Then peel your corn husks and brush the chilli jam onto the cobs. Cook over hot coals for 5-10 mins glazing regularly for a sticky corn. Serve with grated cheese and fresh coriander to garnish.

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