There’s No Smoke Without Fire

Our Roasting Oven/Smoker Box is one of the early bloomers from our design team, Tim. Made from 3mm British Steel it’s a multi purpose must have. You can roast meat joints, vegetables, potatoes and just about anything you’d like a little crispy on the outside. Better yet, add smoking pellets or smoking powder to smoke your cheeses or fish. Just place on top of your Swing Arm or BBQ Rack and cook over a gentle heat. There are some great recipes available for smoking dishes, just experiment and enjoy! If that isn’t enough reason to get your hands on our Roasting Oven/Smoker box, you can pair it with a pizza stone and have yourself a mini pizza oven.

For Roasting…

We always suggest a trip to the sink prior to cooking, wash your components with warm soapy water and pat dry. Drizzle a thin layer of oil over the inside of the base and grill plate and pop on your Swing Arm or BBQ, let the oil burn off, rub away any residue.

Repeat the oiling process and place on the BBQ Rack over hot embers (not flames) and allow to warm for five minutes. Add your food and put the cloche top in place. If you are roasting meat, you can remove from the Roasting Oven; and place directly on the BBQ Rack to finish off and get that fire pit flavour.

Imaged is a Firepits UK favourite of Chicken and Roasties with sliced and diced veg, as suggested we removed the chicken towards the end of cooking to get that chargrilled flavour and feel.

Roasting Oven - Smoker Box on Swing Arm BBQ rack - Fire Pit - Lifestyle - Firepits UK - WEB 600x600 - Lo Res
Roasting Oven - Smoker Box on Swing Arm BBQ Rack over Lit Fire Pit with Smoked Fish Lifestyle - Firepits UK - WEB - Lo Res

For Smoking…

Smoked is certainly superior in our eyes. Use over a low heat above hot embers, not flames. Again ensure everything is clean before we begin as you do not have the intense heat to sterilise the cookware when smoking.

Add your smoker chips or smoking powder to the bottom plate; the chips usually come with instructions – abide by the amounts stated. Place the grill plate on top above the smoker chips; place the food you’re going to smoke on top of the grill and place the cloche top over the contents.

Put the Smoker Box on the BBQ Rack over the hot embers. Smoke the contents for the stated length of time on the smoker pellets instructions. When the powder has burnt out or stated length of time is up and you wish to smoker for longer – add more chips and repeat.

For Pizza…

Once you have a good bed of hot embers in your firebowl add your Swing Arm BBQ Rack/Half Moon Mesh Rack and place your Pizza Stone on top with the Roasting Oven lid over the Stone, let this warm for 5 minutes or until the Pizza Stone is hot. Remove your Roasting Oven Lid with heat proof gloves and place your pizza on the Pizza Stone and cook until you have a crispy base and golden crust. Use a Pizza Paddle to transfer your Pizza’s for serving.

Top tips for cooking pizza on your fire pit:

  • Use a thin dough and don’t overload on toppings to ensure you get an authentic crispy base.
  • It is key to keep your fire well fed with dry wood to create high temperatures for an even cook
  • If you have multiple pizza stones you can start your second pizza off on a stone over the heat before placing under the Roasting Lid to cook any toppings.
Roasting oven with pizza stone cooking fire pit

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