The Finest Shepherd Huts in the Land

In the days pre-Covid, much of our summer was spent hauling a horse box full of fire pits to all the shows around the UK…Burghley, Chelsea, Badminton to name a few. We haven’t missed the hard work setting up but we have very much missed seeing the friends we have made at them over the years. One of these is the wonderful Blackdown Shepherd’s Huts who in our eyes are the gold standard of shepherd’s hut makers.

Originally designed as simple but versatile accommodation for shepherds to shelter, eat, sleep while keeping watch over their flock (there’s a tune there somewhere…) shepherd’s huts lost their importance as farming modernised. Those of us of a certain age will remember the familiar site of a hut gradually returning to nature while forgotten in a corner of a field. Today things are quite different. We’re now all desperate to replicate the simple life in the wild as well as create new space for working, creating, chilling and the Shepherd Hut Revival is at its zenith.

Blackdown have been building shepherd’s huts since 2010 and while their business has grown, their commitment to quality in materials and construction has not altered. Their customers range from individuals looking for a bit more living or working space to five star hotels who are realising that some guests might prefer the fun and seclusion of a shepherd hut over hotel room. And Blackdown will design every hut for each of these customers to meet their exact needs and taste. Oak floors? Yup. Concealed TV? No problem. Star-gazing roof-light? Of course! The list of extras possible is wonderfully unlimited.

If you fancy some Shepherd Hut living for your staycation this year or want to try before you buy, there’s the option of renting one of their beautiful huts located all over the country on their brand new sister page www.shepherdhutbreaks.co.uk, dedicated to exclusively promoting Blackdown Shepherd Hut owners who run glamping businesses.

We hope to catch up with Blackdown soon at a much-missed event, but in the meantime we’re dreaming of a 16ft Quercus Retreat…

Catch up with our friends at www.blackdownshepherdhuts.co.uk