Safety, Use and Care of Your Fire Pit

We’ve put together information here on how to use your fire pit safely as well as tips for cooking on and looking after it.


While owning a fire pit is all about fun, it is also essential to make sure safety is a priority. Please do read the following important points:

  • Supervise children at all times when the fire is lit as the steel will get very hot.
  • Set your fire pit on stone, brick, gravel or on a slab on decking (it will develop rust as it ages which can mark stone surfaces). If putting your fire pit on grass, be aware it may get scorched underneath.
  • Ensure a spark will not reach anything flammable.
  • Keep a supply of water to hand in case you need to damp down the fire.
  • Always use protective gloves when handling things such as BBQ racks.
  • Ensure your fire pit is out (or put the lid on) before leaving it unattended.

Looking after your fire pit

  • Your new fire pit is designed to be low maintenance and can be kept outdoors all year round:
  • Your fire pit will develop an even rusty patina. This will not affect its use or longevity but if you like, you can clean it up with a wire brush and then rub over any type of oil.
  • A lid will protect the bowl and keeps the base of ash and burnt wood dry for use next time. It also works as a snuffer to safely extinguish the fire and a table top when not in use.
  • If you don’t have a lid, clean out your fire pit after use and make sure the raised disc in the bottom of the bowl is clear of ash etc to stop rainwater collecting.
  • Our imported Indian fire bowls are made from thinner steel. You can look after them in the same way as the fire pits we make, but as the steel is less thick they will not last as long.

Using your fire pit for warmth

  • Only use well-seasoned dry wood to reduce smoke. Have a look at our video on lighting your fire.
  • Make a fire with plenty of logs and burn for at least 1⁄2 hour before you want to sit round it (the first 1⁄2 hour of burning produces the most smoke).
  • Once your fire pit is hot and burning well, keep the fire ticking over with a steady supply of dry logs.

Cooking over your fire pit

  • You don’t need a huge fire to cook over: the steel itself radiates heat and there’s no need to get too hot yourself while cooking.
  • Ideally leave an hour before cooking to allow embers to form and move any bigger logs to one side.
  • If you’re in a hurry to cook, add charcoal to the fire once it’s going.
  • Our BBQ Swing Arm and Tripod Racks are not designed to be left over intense flames for long periods as they may distort. Place these over the embers once you’re ready to cook.
  • Our cooking accessories are treated with oil to protect them before use. To remove this, heat the product over the fire before the first use and wash well. After every use, rub over a little cooking oil after washing and drying. If any rust develops, clean off with a wire brush, dry well and rub over with oil.
  • After cooking remove the rack, load more logs and enjoy the warmth of the fire.
Do send or tag us in any photos you post – @firepitsuk & FirepitsUK – it makes our day to see our fire pits settled into their new homes.

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