Circus Chiminea with Swing Arm BBQ Rack


More Information This classically styled chiminea is perfect for a smaller space while still being ideal for cooking on and giving plenty of garden warmth. Handmade in our workshop from high quality British steel, our Circus Chiminea is built to exacting construction methods and is designed to live outside for years and years to come.

Feast - fire pit cookware & cookbooks

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    Seasoning Flax Oil £6.00
    MEATER Plus Thermometer Original price was: £119.00.Current price is: £89.00.
    Skillet Pan 30 £32.00
    Vegetable Tray Set £39.00
    Long Handled Pan 28 £36.00
    Fire Pit Paddle £23.00
    Fire Pit Tongs £11.00
    Marshmallow Fork £18.00
    Sausage Fork £16.00
    Toasting Fork £12.00
    Bottle Carrier – Small £16.00
    Bottle Carrier – Large £22.00
    Foolproof BBQ by Genevieve Taylor £12.99
    Charred by Genevieve Taylor £16.99
    Seared by Genevieve Taylor £20.00
    The Artisan Kitchen by James Strawbridge £20.00
    The Complete Vegetable Cookbook by James Strawbridge £25.00

Ignite - fire tools & fuel kits

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    Matches £6.00
    Certainly Wood Kindle Kit £8.00
    Certainly Wood Starter Kit £12.00
    Charcoal £9.00
    Fire Lighter Flamers £8.00
    Ash Rake £19.00
    Ash Spade £12.00
    Blow Poker £25.00
    Wrought Iron Fire Poker £23.00
    Fire Pit Wire Brush £7.00
    Log Carrier Bag £29.00
    Fire Pit BBQ Apron £29.00
    Black Fire Pit BBQ Gloves £22.00
    Brown Fire Pit BBQ Gloves £22.00
    KindleFlamers £10.00
    Kiln Dried Kindling £5.00



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