It’s All in the Swing

Make your fire pit work for you with our selection of fire tools

As our British-made fire pits are designed for both cooking and warmth, we also produce a wide range of accessories to fuel your wood-fired cooking.

We’re rather proud of our Swing Arm BBQ Rack. Unique to our fire pits, it swings a BBQ rack over the fire pit to give you unrivalled control when cooking over wood. Pop it over the embers for a sizzle, or swing it away to slow things down and keep warm. The Swing Arm simply slots in and out of your fire pit, and is easily removed once the cooking is done. The Swing Arm BBQ Rack is available on the majority of our fire pits and chimineas.

Lamb and Beef Curry on Swing Arm in Cooking Bowl from Genevieve Taylor's Seared - Firepits UK - LoRes 600x600 1
Hanging Arm with Hook - Fire Pit - Lifestyle with lambs leg - Firepits UK - WEB 600x600 - Lo Res

The Hanging Arm with Hook literally elevates your fire-cooking to another level. Suspend your joint of meat above the fire, or combine with our Hanging Cooking Bowl or Skillet Pan to raise or lower your unsurpassed wood fired-fare as needed.

Our Half-Moon BBQ racks are a simple solution to cooking over fire pits. You can sear directly on the rack or use our fire safe cookware, such as our hot plates and vegetable trays, and head straight to the table when the food is ready.

Hot Plate Collection - on Half Moon Mesh BBQ Rack breakfast - Lifestyle - VPit Fire Pit - Firepits UK - Lo Res

Playing with fire is not something we’d recommend, but you do need to show it who’s boss. Our ash rakes, spades and gloves are essential bits of kit to help you control the heat and push those embers around.

From cook books to brushes, shelves to smoker ovens, see the whole range of accessories we have available here.

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