Can I have S’more please?

It is perhaps a little grand to call this a recipe, but we have some hints and tips to help recreate this classic campfire treat.

By Firepits UK
Serves 4-8


Plain digestive biscuits


1.Fire up your fire pit

2.Toast marshmallows

3.Finally sandwich between melting squares of chocolate (at least four squares!) and digestive biscuits.

3.We placed digestives and chocolate onto a Hot Plate to melt the chocolate gently before topping with gooey marshmallow. It worked a treat.

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And that is it. Perhaps this is less recipe and more an opinion piece on chocolate, marshmallows and digestive biscuits. Shall we discuss further, around the fire pit?

Marshmallow Fork Close Up with Toasted Marshmallows over Plain Jane Firepits Close Up 2- Firepits UK - LoResjpg

Our thoughts on chocolate are simple, one bar will probably not be enough. We always think we have plenty, and then suddenly a bit goes ‘missing’ and then you need to double check that the bar is still okay to eat. For a Mother’s Day treat, we upscaled our chocolate with some help from The Little Welsh Chocolate Company. Free from soy and palm oil and made with sustainable ingredients just down the road from us in blissful South Wales, they also produce a variety of flavours, like their dark chocolate and welsh roasted coffee or milk chocolate and salted caramel. It elevated the humble s’more into a proper way to thank mum.

Now, marshmallows. The giant ones seem like a good idea, but the moment they’re introduced to the fire pit it unleashes their inner kamikaze and off they pop, down into the flames. And that is more toasted than ideal. So we suggest that you stick to the regular sized marshmallows. Our marshmallow fork is a fun way to get the older kids involved in the cooking, with the younger ones no doubt offering their opinions, in a gentle and supportive manner, on how close the marshmallows should be to the fire.

Finally, you need something to hold the oozing delights of melting chocolate and marshmallow together. Our neighbours across the pond have Graham Crackers, which are more robust than our digestive biscuits. Digestives have a way of crumbling if you’re too enthusiastic when you sandwich all the ingredients together. But until Graham and his crackers arrive on our shores, the digestive biscuit is our best approximation of this American staple.

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