Saturn Fire Pit Collection


More Information Our ‘out of this world’ fire pit with its contemporary design will enhance any garden.


Lid - for weather protection and safety

  • 60cm Lid (measures approx 70cm) £79.00
  • 70cm Lid (measures approx 80cm) £89.00
  • 80cm Lid (measures approx 90cm) £99.00
  • 90cm Lid (measures approx 100cm) £125.00

Swing Arm BBQ Rack - removable rack for cooking

  • Swing Arm BBQ Rack £85.00

Accessories - essential fire pit extras

  • Fire Pit BBQ Gloves £20.00
    Ash Rake £17.00
    Charred – The Complete Guide to Vegetarian Grilling and Barbecue by Genevieve Taylor £16.99
    Foolproof BBQ by Genevieve Taylor £12.99

Fuel - fire starters, wood and charcoal to get you started

  • Fire Starters – Firelighter Flamers £6.00
    Certainly Wood Kindle Kit £8.00
    Certainly Wood Starter Kit £12.00
    Charcoal £8.20



Grand total