Fire Bowl with Log Store


More Information Our Fire Bowl with Log Store is one of our bestselling taller fire pits. The bowl is positioned at a very comfortable height for cooking and underneath is a large log store to keep your wood dry and to hand at all times.


Lid - for weather protection and safety

  • 60cm Lid (measures approx 70cm) £79.00
  • 70cm Lid (measures approx 80cm) £89.00

Personalised Plaque - customise your fire pit with an engraved band

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Half Moon BBQ Rack - steel rack for cooking

  • Half Moon Mesh BBQ Rack Collection – 60cm- for our 60cm fire pit £64.00
  • Half Moon Mesh BBQ Rack Collection – 70cm – for our 70cm fire pit £75.00

Accessories - essential fire pit extras

  • Fire Pit Shelf 60 £79.00
  • Fire Pit Shelf 70 £79.00
  • Fire Pit BBQ Gloves £20.00
    Ash Rake £17.00
    Charred by Genevieve Taylor £16.99
    The Artisan Kitchen by James Strawbridge £20.00
    Hanging Arm with Hook £98.00

Fuel - fire starters, wood and charcoal to get you started

  • Fire Lighter Flamers £6.00
    Certainly Wood Kindle Kit £8.00
    Certainly Wood Starter Kit £12.00
    Charcoal £9.00



Grand total