Indian fire bowls are also often called kadai fire bowls. A kadai is a traditional bowl that has been used across the Indian subcontinent to cook and serve food for hundreds of years. They’re used by families and by whole communities at weddings, celebrations and festivals.

You’ll probably have seen smaller kadai bowls at your local Indian or other South Asian restaurant.

Versatile, traditional charm

As with our own fire pits, our Indian fire bowls can be used to hold a warming fire and with cooking accessories to prepare delicious meals outdoors. They’re perfect for parties, barbecues, long summer evenings and to make the most of your garden when the weather cools down.

We import our Indian fire bowls from India. From time to time, when we can source them, we also offer antique Indian fire bowls. Most of the fire bowls we have though are made from recycled steel and are copies of original cooking pots.

Easy to use and care for

Our Indian fire bowls are made from thinner steel than our own fire pits which makes them lighter and easier to move. However, because the metal is thinner you will need to protect it by adding sand to the bowl before you light your fire.

As with our own range of fire pits, all our Indian fire bowls are designed to be used and stored outdoors. As the metal is untreated it will eventually rust but this is simply a natural part of the ageing process and is nothing to worry about.

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