Our fire starter kits, flamers and firewood will help you quickly and easily start your fire and keep it burning for longer.

The best firewood for the best-tasting food

One of the joys of cooking over a fire pit or in a wood-fired oven is the delicious smoky flavour it gives your food. However, to get the best fire – and therefore the best flavour – you must use hardwood that has been stored in the dry for at least two years. This will reduce the water content in the wood so it burns hotter, for longer and without producing too much smoke.

Start your fire quickly and easily – every time

We sell fire starter kits and environmentally friendly firelighters. Our fire starter kit contains everything you need to get your fire going quickly and easily. It even includes your matches!

Our firelighters, called flamers, are a really handy and natural way to light your fire. You only need one, they won’t affect the flavour of your food and they’ll work first time, every time. If you have a wood burning stove in your house, you can use them to light this too.

Keep your fire burning hot for as long as you need it

We sell well-seasoned, mixed firewood logs.

We get all our firewood from our local lumberjack, Nigel. He supplies it in 90cm x 90cm x 90cm builder’s bags.